On request we serve a breakfast called "Continental".

Beyond its title we offer you good regional and seasonal products, in addition to homemade jams of the fruits of the garden or productions of friends respectful of the earth and the product ...

Breakfast is served from 8am to 10am according to your wishes.

Its price is 16 CHF per person.

Friendly restaurants

Here, not far from the villa, you will find interesting restaurants, of all styles and origins. From this palette we have chosen and recommend various addresses that have so far given full satisfaction to our guests. Refined contemporary cuisine, traditional dishes, exotic, specialities... You will find the list of our selection in the welcome booklet that you can download on your arrival. Moreover, we will be able to guide you in your choice by our advice

Good local products

A few local suppliers work with love for the land and respect for traditional cultures. A market gardener of my friends says: "I work as my grandfather worked". An exceptional place is just a few minutes away from our villa; you can find the best cheeses as well as a selection of wines from exceptional winegrowers, all in a pleasant setting conducive to encounters. We will also know how to show you the way to beautiful cellars and other unusual discoveries. Our downloadable welcome booklet will provide you with a list of them and we will also be able to advise you