Villa de Maître

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28 / November


30 / November


A rare, precious and reassuring place...

It is not only a Maison de Maître (early 20th century architecture) but also an artist's house: the host (this word takes on its full meaning here, Mr Barradi knows how to receive without ostentation or pseudo-familiarity). Our host has kept the eye of the photographer he once was and his house, furnished and decorated with great taste and intelligence, allows us to stay comfortably. A little out of time, surrounded by beautiful things, with the pleasure of leafing through his magnificent photo books. We have just spent an exceptional week.You ask what could be improved? Nothing. Above all, nothing. Nothing to be improved in this house. It is just that the world around us, the rest of the world, is still a bit slow. Philippe, en

Villa de Maître

We are happy to welcome you in our villa, built in 1915. Its renovation was an exciting undertaking. Today it is a real pleasure to welcome you and make you live moments as if you were "at home" ...

Perfect location

Less than 300 m from our villa, the train will take you to the famous resort of Verbier. You can also reach the highest point, 3330 m, by gondola. From the Monfort, an impressive panorama of the Alps will open up before you. Other more family-friendly resorts also offer walks and discoveries in complete peace and quiet. Mont Blanc can be contemplated by car or by train, just an hour's journey from Chamonix. From the Col des Montets, you will discover the majestic needles forming the Mont Blanc chain. Italy and its Roman remains are within reach by car, and you will be able to go shopping in the commercial street of the charming town of Aosta

The garden

The garden of more than 1300 m2 is embellished with two major trees, American red cedars, which have been there for more than 100 years, as well as two hundred-year-old box trees with a diameter of almost 4 meters. These trees bordering the terrace offer their refreshing shade during the hot summer days. In 2008, we landscaped the rest of the garden, under the proposal of a renowned landscape architect. Thus, more than 100 species of trees, bushes, and decorative plants call out to the eye. All of this lush vegetation seems to make of the villa an oasis in the urban fabric of our city. Sweet evenings are in prospect in this protective cocoon for the happiness of everyone

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